Steamer Applications

Steam applications require a lot of preplanning. Proper venting, operable transoms, and height requirements all need to be considered in the design layout. Before being built the customer should consult with us. It is important to note that if a shower has a steam generator that the shower door should have an operable transom. The steam feature in a shower is not used very much in relation to just taking a normal shower. An operable glass transom will allow normal shower use moisture to escape the shower area. This is very important to reduce mildew, but the bathroom itself does require a proper exhaust ceiling vent. Before being built the customer should consult with us. There are limitations to what can be done with an operable glass transom and we can help prevent design mistakes. It is also important to note that frameless shower doors used in steam applications do leak steam. Customer needs to account for this when designing the bathroom.

Shower Door Galleries

There are many different styles, finishes, colors and glass patterns available to fit almost any decor. The most awe inspiring and elegant look you can achieve in a beautiful bathroom is a frameless all glass shower enclosure. It takes a truly experienced glass expert to custom fabricate these doors from scratch. Nothing accents a tile job like a frameless shower enclosure. Visit our shower door showroom to discuss your needs with one of our professional shower door consultants.