Our Cold Spring Shower Door Warranty

Our Cold Spring Shower Door Warranty

We guarantee that all of our frameless shower doors systems will be professionally installed by our own installers using premium shower door hardware and glass.

On any Frameless shower door system we install we will back up our hardware manufacturers Guarantee and Warranty. What this means is if a hardware item is found to be defective under that manufacturer’s terms and conditions and time of coverage; we will get replacement item and install at no charge to customer.

We also offer a onetime free on site polycarbonate wipe replacement for up to a period of 5 years. Or customer can bring in press on wipes to our location and we will provide a free replacement for up to a total of 6 wipes for the life of the shower door.

We also guarantee we are using premium american made glass in our installation. We will also Warranty against glass breakage for a period of 1 year. If breakage occurs we must be contacted immediately and broken glass left in place so we can determine if glass was broken intentionally or by neglect. If proven by Cold Spring Shower Doors Inc. not to be the result of customer negligence, we will replace broken panel or panels at no cost to customer with exact replacement. This does not cover any other possible damage caused by glass breakage.

If shower door included Diamon-Fusion protective coating, customer must register directly with Diamon-Fusion using the registration sticker provided on shower door system once completed. All Diamon-Fusion issues are handled directly through them.