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2560 U.S. 9, COLD SPRING, New York 10516
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Over 24 years of excellence
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What’s more important? Framed vs. Frameless

It is important to understand the Pros and Cons of both framed and frameless shower door systems.

Pros to a Framed Door:
  • Normally not very expensive. (Usually framed with aluminum and using a thin tempered glass).
  • They normally do a very good job at retaining water due to all the overlaying metal.
  • They work very well as steam enclosures.
  • Their frames can come in different painted enamel finishes as well as traditional metal finishes.
  • They offer an incredible array of decorative glass options.
Cons to a Framed Door:
  • They normally come in standard heights that now look very short by today’s standards.
  • Excessive metal distracts from nice tile work and other bathroom fixtures.
  • Look extremely dated and is not normally found in a master bathroom by today’s standards.
Pros to a Frameless Enclosure:
  • Nothing says WOW! Like a frameless shower door over a nice tile job. (The look and feel is amazing).
  • Being custom built they lend themselves to almost any sizing requirements. (Not limited to stock sizing).
  • Almost unlimited design layouts. (Only limited to the basic laws of physics).
  • Many unique hardware options to further the custom look.
Cons to a Frameless Enclosure:
  • Much more looks than function (they rely heavily on clear polycarbonate wipes to help retain water).
  • Much more prone to leak water
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